We are grateful to Almighty Allah for the blessings He showered on us.
We are thankful and feel blessed as the opening of a very special event OPEN MIND & INNOCENT HEARTS, went so nice Alhumdullilah. We had butterflies in our stomach and were feeling as on a roller coaster ride before the event as it was a big one with huge number of guest … around 350. So, only thing in our mind was that it should go smooth and all children should get the exposure they deserve and happiness to their parents to see their child exhibiting.

So, we really want to extend our heartiest thanks to our chief guests
“”His Excellency Mr. Ridhwan Hassan””, consulate General of Indonesia and

Owais Alam Shah (Urdu: اویس شاہ‎) (born 22 October 1978) is a former English cricketer.

Beside this we extend our thanks to all special guest
@Mr. Ahmed Rukni al awadhi, pioneer Emirati artist
@Mr. Anjani prakash laitu, legendary Indian artist
@Mr. Aslam noor, pioneer artist
@Mrs. Samar khalid Murad, principal International school of creative science, Sharjah
@Ms. Sadia Saba, head of primary , International School of Creative science
@Ms. Daisy paul, Principal Ryan School, Sharjah
@ Dr. Romit Purohit and Sonal Purohit, from paint brush community
@ Mr. Malwin Mathew , Director of Cartoon art gallery
@Mr. Saju nair UAE representative of TV2II TELEVISIONARIO, Italy

We really missed some very important people yesterday …. Peter Gressman & Sultana Kazim .. though they were not there but their wishes are always there with us 😊🙏

Our mentoring team:
Saima Hassan
Sonu Sultania
Yuvika Garg
Salwa Saeed
Swapnil Jawale
Swamiksha Jawale
Saida bano

Our hosting partners :
Cartoon art gallery

Our supporting partners:
Speed performance contracting company & The Paint brush art community

Our Media partners
TV2II tellivisnario, Gulf today, Dubai Media, Khaleej times, News time

Our gift sponsors:
The hobby place
All technical and non technical team for their support and hard work

where almost 115 students , 20 nationalities and all age group, from around all emirates under one umbrella, WOW!!!! factor of this special exhibition .

Other than this as always Funun arts try to push up the children of special needs, they consider them to have their place along with other children. So, they joined hands with SNF, school of children of determination by Mrs. Safia Bari. Cherish 2020 organized by them where 20 artists painted with 20 children and those masterpieces were also the part of this exhibition.

Our Philosophy is,
” The Principal of true art is not to portray, but to evoke, as Creativity takes courage.”
Posting just a glimpse of the event with few of the pictures …. stay tuned to see the complete coverage as we will be posting it soon …


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