About Us

Funun Arts is a thriving community that celebrates the diverse talents of artists, visual arts enthusiasts, designers, photographers, and imaginative individuals. Established in 2016 by Shiba Khan and Farah Khan, Funun Arts provides a valuable opportunity for artists to showcase their abilities that encourages the exploration of their creative potential.

Beyond its artistic endeavors, Funun Arts has garnered widespread appreciation for its commitment to social and noble causes. The gallery’s strong focus on education and community engagement further enriches its exhibition program. Each show is accompanied by fresh ideas that give ample space for innovative thinking. Funun Arts organizes workshops and seminars with the aim of engaging diverse audiences, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared artistic experience. The community’s ultimate goal is to contribute to a flourishing and evolving arts ecosystem in the UAE, achieved through impactful exhibitions, diverse programming, and in-depth publications commissioned by the gallery. The group organizes live painting events, art workshops, community art events, team-building workshops, and more, ensuring a vibrant and interactive art experience for all.

In addition to its diverse initiatives, Funun Arts Group places a strong emphasis on engaging and empowering the youth through its dedicated platform called the “Youth Creative Minds Hub.” Recognizing the immense potential and fresh perspectives of young individuals, Funun Arts Group actively seeks to involve them in its artistic endeavors.

The founders of Funun Arts firmly believe that art goes beyond traditional tools like brushes and canvases. They see art as a powerful form of communication, free from constraints, and capable of igniting a positive energy that uplifts the spirits of those who encounter it. Through local and international exhibitions, collaborations with galleries, participation in art fairs, and numerous shows in the UAE, the Funun Arts Group showcases its talent on a global scale.

With over 1000 multinational artists now part of its community, Funun Arts serves as a comprehensive hub that bridges the gap between artists, art collectors, enthusiasts, architects, and interior designers. It acts as a one-stop solution, fostering connections and creating opportunities for collaboration, growth, and appreciation within the art world.

“Coming together is the beginning,

Keeping together is the process,

Working together marks the success.”


Shiba Khan

Artist, art activist, curator, fashion designer & the founder of Funun Arts.

Holder of UAE’s most prestigious cultural Golden visa, Brand Ambassador of India for the Qatar Art Festival, member of artist society, Non-Executive Director for MAPS International W.L.L, and also the Co-Owner of Al Saqf Al Lamea, an interior design company. Shiba Khan has fostered a greater platform that serves for the betterment of society in this present era. Shiba paints relentlessly and believe in experimenting continuously with textures and colors. Her work is a bold mix of styles and colors, and each work tells a unique story.

Farah Khan

Blogger, photographer, co-founder & creative head of Funun Arts. Holder of UAE’s most prestigious cultural Golden visa, Farah Khan is a dedicated, focused, creative and multi-tasking Indian artist based in UAE. Farah is passionate about photography, art and poetry. She is a blogger who writes with the name of Foodbatuta and Dubaiculturevulture. Farah is the member of Raw Community of photographers. She is also the content writer of the Food Trail in Asian Herald Magazine. She truly believes that,

“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”

Our Philosophy is,

“The Principal of true art is not to portray, but to evoke, as Creativity takes courage.”

Our Services:

  • Art Exhibitions
  • Art Events
  • Art Consultations
  • Art Sales
  • Workshops
  • Commissioned works
  • Team Building
  • Live arts

Shiba Khan & Farah Khan