SHE- a live art event to celebrate SHE, a book by Purva Grover

What an amazing event it was….. a live art event to celebrate women-hood. The event where 18 artists did live painting along with the book reading session by the author Purva Grover.

Thanks to Purva, for making us a part of this book.

Thanks a lot to our Guests of Honors, Nisha Ganapathy, Group Product
Manager, DermoViva, Dabur International; Afshan Qureshi, Indian artist; our special guest Nada Al Brazi,
Lebanese artist. The other guests at the event include art supporters like Anjani Prakash Laitu, Peter
Gressman, Saju Nair, and Ahmed Al Awadhi. Thanks to everyone.

Thanks to Novotel World Trade Center, for always being there to host us.

Thanks to Dabur Dermoveva & Art of Gifting for such beautiful gifts.

Thanks to Jahangir Ali Hussain, for all the beautiful clicks & videos.

Last but not the least, thanks to all 18 artists for making this event so special….
names of the participating artists include: Amancia Sandra, Jasmine Mohammed Rizvi, Madiha Khan,
Arezoo Rahmdel, Arthi Balaji, Richa Jain, Moni Shyam, Mubashra Madni, Pari Sagar, Paulomi Rana,
Raisa Rajan, Rani Vaswambharam, Sabah Anees, Saima Hasan, Shiba Khan, Sunita Vasanth, Tatiana
Yatlo, and Vaheetha Banu.

Stay Connected to Stay Update,
Shiba Khan & Farah Khan


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