With the grace of Almighty, the opening ceremony of our ongoing art exhibition Mizãn, was done beautifully in the presence of so many art lovers.

With balance comes clarity so that we can take the ups and downs in our stride. The reason we chose the concept of Mizan (Balance) is because it is one of the main concepts of humanity & need to be highlighted. The event was very well moderated by to Khan Ayaan Abdulla, the elder son of Shiba Khan, for being the moderator for the event.

70 artworks of 32 Artists are displayed in this exhibition organized by Funun Arts along with Novotel World Trade Centre.

On behalf of Funun Arts & all the participants, we would like to thank our Honorable Chief Guest, His Excellency Suhail Mohd. Al Zarooni for gracing the event by his presence.

Our heartiest thanks to The Charismatic Sultana Kazim Ma’am, our very special guest. Though she was not present physically but her blessings & wishes were there with us.

The event was started with the inspirational talk by three of our motivational speakers. Thanks a lot to Dr. Rubina Malik, Juhi Yasmeen Khan & Sandy Rich Saksena. It was so motivating to listen to all three of you.

Thanks to our media & social media partners Artforum UAE, ILTelivisionario2, Be Attractive, Asian Herald, The Dubai Events, Ritu Chaturverdi & John Thomas.

Thnaks to our special guests, Samar Kamel, Irka Bochenko, Ahmed Al Awadhi, Anjini Prakash Laitu….

Thanks to our partner Novotel WTC , Mr. Ferry and the whole team, without the support of you all this event was not possible.

Thanks a lot to all our artists community who came just to support fellow artists… this is our extended family now… Zeynab Yahya, Amr Wadwa, Jasmine Mohd Rizvi, Reena Naik, Nishtiman Gadheri, Noor Haidri, Fatemeh Hosseinbor, Tara Sabz, Somaye, Nastaran …

Thanks & congratulations to all artists, for believing in us. We always believe that it’s the team work that makes any event successful.

Thanks to Aslam Javed for all the beautiful photos.

Last but not the least, we want to thank our family for always being so supportive.

Not to forget to mention the new beautiful display of the exhibition, credit goes to Al Saqf Al Lamea for customizing the stands for us.

The exhibition will be on display till 30th May, kindly visit & support the artists.

Participating artists
1. Alia Amin, Pakistan
2. Anna Wyborn, Russia
3. Anubha Kaw, India
4. Arezoo Rahmdel, Iran
5. Jivan Hovhannissian, Armenia
6. Esther Soto Toranzo, Cuba
7. Georgina Molet, Mexico
8. Inga Elser, Switzertland
9. Irene Gaitho, Kenya
10. Kadambani Choubey, India
11. Kalopsia Wiz, India
12. Lina Chibly, Canada
13. Maged Makram Sheroubi, Egypt
14. Mahfuzur Rahman, Bangladesh
15. Maryam Taghikhani, Iran
16. Mrs. VG, France
17. Osama Elolemy, Egypt
18. Pari Sagar, India
19. Rafa Tom, Lebanon
20. Rafah Abdulrazzak, Syria
21. Rajia Hammour, Morocco
22. Sabeen Roshan, Pakistan
23. Sabrin Asker, India
24. Saida Banu, India
25. Saleha Hamza, France
26. Serina Pinherio, India
27. Shehab Shoukry, Egypt
28. Shiba Khan, India
29. Stefania Pamillo, Italy
30. Tatiana Yatlo, Ukraine
31. Warda Rana, USA
32. Zahra Oji, Iran

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