Art Vision 2023

Highlights of Art Vision- the first Art Conference by Funun Arts

The success of any venture lies in the clarity of vision, in-depth understanding of the field of action, proactive approach towards work, proper planning, and perfect execution of the task. Funun Arts kick starts the year with all these values in mind.

The Art Vision 2023 conference at The Metropolitan Hotel, Dubai witnessed the official unveiling of their future projects. Art Vision was the first art conference of 2023 and was attended by His Excellency Suhail Mohd. Al Zarooni, chairman of ALZarooni Foundation, many dignitaries, media, corporate sector, artists, speakers, and influencers. During the art conference His Excellency Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni announces the collaboration of Al Zarooni foundation and Funun arts group. He said: “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Funun Arts’ focus for the year 2023 will be on sustainability. This is in unison with the UAE government’s declaration of 2023 as the year of sustainability and UAE hosting the COP 28.

Funun is focusing on aspects of sustainable living by concentrating on saving energy at home, sustainable means of travel, stopping food wastage, and implementing the concepts of reducing, reusing, repairing, recycling, and usage of eco-friendly products. The art group firmly believes that this will be a wake-up call for not only artists but also for the entire community. Major announcements for the year 2023-24 were made during the conference and future projects were also discussed. The Funun colors for the year will be blue, green, and red which define the maximum goals of sustainability and climate change. Funun will be distributing refillable bottles with messages on them to create awareness of sustainability, refillable bottles were distributed during the conference. “#OurWakeupCall and #ArtCanChangeClimateChange” is the hashtag and tagline of Funun arts for 2023.

Funun Arts also officially announced their major projects for the year which are- – International Mother Language Day art event to celebrate regional languages, – Women’s Global Conference for International Women’s Day, – Art Marathon- a series of art workshops, and live painting with people from all walks of life. – The Journey of Art- Turkey Expedition- an international art event in Turkey. – Annual Student Art Show 2023 with the theme “Art can change Climate Change” and – UAE Art and Culture Festival- an art festival to celebrate the National Day of UAE. The names of art ambassadors and youth ambassadors were also announced during the event. The art ambassadors are – Arezoo Rahmdel (Iran), – Mahfuzur Rahman (Bangladesh), – Rafah Abdul Razzak (Syria), – Sheikha Al Kuwairi (Qatar), – Maryam Maigada (Nigeria), – Layla Ousta (Syria), – Nishtiman Ghaderi (Iran) and – Madhuri Musani (Congo). – Khan Ayan Abdulla and Mohammad Huzaifa Khan- the founders of Youth Creative Minds, Mira Singh and Mohammad Mustafa are the youth Ambassadors for the year 2023-24.

The pinning ceremony of the ambassadors was performed by His Excellency Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni. Thanks a lot Sir for always being there to support us.

Two more projects which were announced were the concept of Art of Gifting which is a project in collaboration with the Dubai Library Distributors. In this project, artists will work with children of determination, laborers, and people in need to create artwork. These artworks will be available in the stores of Dubai Library Distributors. Beside this Funun Arts along with British Herald will be launching their coffee table art book. Funun Art requested the corporation of the entire art fraternity in these noble ventures and expressed their in-depth gratitude for the immense support they received from media, collaborators, supporters, artists, family, and friends throughout their journey.

Our heartiest gratitude to everyone who was present there. Anjini Prakash Laitu, Reema Mahajan, Safia Bari, Juhi Yasmeen Khan, Sakshi Lalwani, Eng. Maitha AlBalooshi, Bassam Nader, Saima hasan, Saida Banu, Pari Sagar, Raisa Mariam Rajan, Yuvika Garg, Jahangir Ali Hussain, Malar Balaji, Mr. Anees, Mohd. Yusuf, Elizabeth Jacob, Mr. Samir, Mr. Varun, Mr. Shiraz Khan, …. & Everyone who was there. Sabah Anees & Dr. Devisree you both were missed that day.

Thanks a lot, to Dr. Devisree for penning down the whole event in a beautiful way.

We really look forward to organizing all the said events in the best way.

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