Art Talk- an online art discussion

What an amazing evening!… no one realized how those 4 hours passed by. We were really amazed to see how our youngsters are so enthusiastic and passionate about arts. We are sure each of us enjoyed every second of this session.

We want to thank Mr. Khalil Abdul Wahid for not only being there to support us but also for giving his helpful advises to all teens. We really appreciate you for giving us your valuable time.

We also want to thanks Sultana Kazim Ma’am for gracing the event by her presence and for guiding our young talents.

Thanks a lot to Mr. Ahmed Al Awadhi, we really appreciate you for joining us and for sharing your art journey with us.

Thanks a lot to our dear Mr. Anjini Prakash Laitu… you are a real inspiration for all of us.

Thanks a lot to Peter Gressman for supporting us.

Thanks to Pari Sagar for sharing her thoughts on how art can heal you spiritually.

Thanks to Mariella for always supporting us.

Thanks a lot to Iltelevisionario2, Alessandra Giorda and Mr. Saju Nair for your continuous support.

We are extremely thankful to all our panelists for joining us, for patiently listening to all the questions and for clearing all the doubts of our youngsters.
Sugat Priyadarshi
Dr.Romit Purohit
Yasser Shams Khan
Dr. Nafisa Sayed
Minisha Bhardwaj
Shiba Khan

Last but not the least, we want to thank our young shinning stars for joining us….we were really glad to know how passionate and dedicated you all are. We are proud of you all. God bless you.
Ridhima Purohit
Khan Ayaan Abdulla
Varsha Saju Nair
Humera Madani
Goviind Vashisht
Palak Sureka
Shamma Al Jallaf
Rayan Zedan
Yashna Gupta

Shiba Khan & Farah Khan
Funun Arts

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