World Art Dubai 2021

The seventh edition of World Art Dubai  was organised so well, keeping in mind all the security guidelines.

More than 2,000 works from 200 artists and galleries are coming together in a melting pot of disciplines over a packed four-day programme. The event provides a platform for seasoned art collectors, enthusiasts and newcomers to collaborate and share their works, and critically serves as a valuable vehicle to kick-start the local art and culture scene for 2021.

A considered visitor journey will be brought to life through new and returning activations around furniture, mixed media, fashion, music, dance, sustainability, digital art, photography, graffiti, sculptures and plenty more besides.

Running under the theme ‘Discovering new Perspectives’, visitors will be encouraged to see things differently and find inspiration in all aspects of the show. And there’s some real standouts on the bill. This year Funun arts had gathered around 40 artists from different part of the world. From contemparory to abstract art… from potraits to photographs… there were so many different form of art displayed at the four stands of Funun Arts. Below mentioned are the names of all participants-


Abda Fayyaz- Pakistan

Alexandra Budilkina- Russia

Alia Medhat- Egypt

Ambreen Mehmood- Riyadh

Anil Verghese- India

Anuradha Bhalla- India

Bina Safdar- Pakistan

Dina Khataan- Egypt

Farah Khan- India

Gwyneth Rasquinha- India

Joel Borja- Philippines

Khaled Zayton- Egypt

Linda Elmeligi- Egypt

Madeleine Kurtsdotter- Sweden

Manal Mohamed Mahmoud Tantawy- Egypt

Manisha Andrade- India

Marina Potapova- Russia

Masooma Hiridjee- Pakistan

Minal Sinha Srivastava- India

Motaz Khalil- Canada

Mourhaf Abughede- Syria

Mustapha Chouhaibi- Morocco

Nermin Mohamed Wafik- Egypt

Nilesh Kumar- India

Pari Sagar- India

Poonam Chaturvedi- India

Priyanka Das- India

Radka Gicheva- Bulgaria 

Ranjisha Raghavan- India

Rishu Gosain Roy- India

Roohy Khan- India

Salwa Saeed- Egypt

Sara Joseph- India

Sarah Ibrahim- 

Soumaya Askri- Tunisia

Sharareh Tabatabaei- Iran

Shiba Khan- India

Snehita Gehlot- India

Tripti Puranwal- India

Tsebro Katerina- Ukraine

Ziyad Abugida- Italy

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